I understand it can be a scary time when your back starts hurting. How serious is this? What should I do?

Low back pain is pretty common, and yes it can be very painful. I have treated hundreds of patients with acute low back pain over the last 25 years. In order to determine the best approach to your individual case, let’s talk about some of the “anatomy” of the low back to determine what may have happened.

The low back or lumbar spine is actually a very complex region of your body that contains many different types of tissues including bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, and nerves. To understand what may have gone wrong, we need to diagnose your condition, and you should see a doctor for that. Just so happens, I am a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Parts of your body that may cause low back pain

The muscles of the lumbar spine.

There are many in this part of the body. They include the erector spinae and quadratus lumborum. There are also many others small muscles located in an around all of the bones in your back called vertebrae. the good news is if you’ve injured a muscle in your back or you’ve strained a muscle in your back, your prognosis is usually very good.

Most people with an injury like this will typically start feeling better within just a few days with proper treatment. Treatment for a strained muscle in my office would include modalities such as electrical muscle stimulation, hot or cold packs, an ultrasound.

During the initial phase of this injury spasms in pain or a normal part of the injury period it is important you take it easy and rest the muscle as much as possible. try and remember when you may have cut your hand and needed to put a band aid on it to keep it from bleeding. This is the same type of injury, and the muscles are very vascular or have a high level of blood supply to them, therefore it’s necessary to rest and take it easy during your treatment to facilitate the optimal healing process.

Ligaments and joints of the lumbar spine

Surprisingly enough, the most common injury to the low back is usually not a muscle strain. In my practice comma the most common injury has been a sprain of the sacroiliac joint or joints.

This injury is much different than a muscle injury. When the ligaments have been disrupted in the low back or the pelvis, because they lack a rich blood supply, they are much harder to heal and take a much longer time to promote optimum response. there are also ligaments located all around the bones in your back or the vertebrae, and any number of them can be injured as well. this is a frustrating injury related to the sacroiliac joint because typically most people aren’t really doing much of anything at all when they injure themselves. you may be doing something as simple as reaching over to pick something off a counter or miss stepping off of a curb walking across the street.

This type of injury demand specific treatment related to facilitating optimal blood flow to an area that is typically a vascular or lacks a blood supply. Therefore, treatment will consist of ultrasound, heating pads, deep tissue massage, and adjustments, and your at home care will consist of consistent movement such as walking an avoidance of resting too much.

As you can see the main structures that are typically injured when you have low back pain are either a muscle or group of muscles, or a ligament or a specific joint.

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